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        About me

        Hello, I’m Will. Firstly, a huge congratulations on your engagement!

        To be asked to capture and document a day that someone never wants to forget is a privilege. My style is candid, unobtrusive and unrehearsed. I treat my couples like old friends and their families like my own. For me it’s about everyone having an amazing time, I just step back and capture the fun, candid and real moments. I’m a fly on the wall, a guest with a camera, and a friend in the background capturing the memories of your wedding day.

        I started This Day Forward wedding photography 3 years ago as a gift to a friend for a wedding present. Since then it’s grown and grown and grown. Last year I shot 40 weddings. I’ve learnt the power and gift of a photograph. Capturing that moment, that person and that feeling. My goal is to share that gift with you.

        This year I got engaged to my beautiful French chérie and am about to embark on the same amazing journey with you. I’ve seen and been a part of many beautiful weddings, so drop me a line and ask me a million questions.. Let’s chat, figure it out together and work out a perfect solution for you.

        If you’ve just dropped a knee or screamed a giant ‘YES!’ I’d love to hear about your plans and come capture your day.

        Get in touch