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        About me

        My name is Will. I’ve been photographing weddings full time for 3 years. I’m a Melbourne boy who now lives in North Bondi.. Why Bondi you ask? Well my beautiful French partner asked me to move to France and when we returned back to Australia 3 years later we both got jobs in Sydney. The beach is awesome so for the moment Bondi is home.

        I shot my very first wedding way back in 2011 in St Tropez, whilst living in France. I did it as a wedding present to a friend. It was my way of giving them a unique gift which they’d cherish forever. They still have a print above their bed.

        A few years later someone found that wedding in Vogue and asked me to shoot their wedding, then another and another. A job redundancy in 2014 gave me the opportunity to go freelance create my own business. Weddings was a hat I never planned on wearing full time, but in 2017 I shot 40 weddings and couldn’t be happier.

        I’m not great in front of a camera and I guess you need to treat people how you’d want to be treated. So I treat my couples like old friends and their families like my own. I take a step back and allow you to have an amazing time with your friends and family. I’m a fly on the wall, a guest with a camera, and a friend in the background creating an unobtrusive story of your wedding day.

        If you like my work, then I’d love to come capture your wedding day.

        Tell me a little more below.

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