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        Investing in the best

        I'm the right fit. I'm the guy that just fits into a room and makes everyone comfortable. I help people relax so I can steal the in-between moments. I'm not there to art direct, I'm there as a photo-journalist to capture the magic as it happens. When you do need a photo guide, I'm there to point you in the right direction. Finish your champagne, grab another canapé.. it's all good. I got you.

        I shoot as much as humanly possible to give you as much as humanly possible. There's no minimums or extra costs for extra images.


        Every wedding is different, so let’s work out something that’s perfect for you.  Rather than not enough, lets figure out what covers everything without having too much drunk dancing.

        I’m there to capture as much or as little as you want. It’s your special day.

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        What do we get?

        How many images do I get?

        How long after the wedding will I receive the images?

        Do you cover weddings internationally?

        Do you offer albums and prints?

        As part of every package you get unlimited coverage on your wedding day. I colour correct / edit all the photos aiming to give you as many photos as possible. I supply all retouched images in hi-resolution and low-resolution in a beautiful linen Box with a USB.

        They are your photos! Give them to your family, print them, share them on Facebook, Instagram - or just love them in your own way.